Child Education

57 million primary-school-age children are not enrolled in school; interestingly, 53 percent of these are girls (UNICEF, 2012). Education is the key to a future free of poverty, but ironically, poverty itself often keeps children out of school, confining them to a vicious cycle.

Violence, hunger, weakness from malnourishment, child marriage, child labor, illness, discrimination, sanitation, inability to afford school fees or supplies, lack of schools or proper infrastructure are all barriers preventing children from receiving a proper education.

How Do We Help

iDream Inc addresses the barriers that prevent children from receiving a quality education by providing children, teachers, their families and communities with the infrastructure, training, tools, services and support they need for a better education. Click on the icons below to learn more.

Build Schools

We build schools to ensure that children have access to a quality and safe learning environment.

Food & Nutrition

We provide nutritious food, year-round, and health education for children through our school breakfast and lunch program.

Teacher Training

We train teachers to engage their students through more effective teaching practices and provide learning materials.

School Supplies

Each year, we host a back to school event to provide school supplies to the children in the communities we serve.

School Fees

We provide scholarships to assist with school related expenses such as school fees, text books, uniforms and transportation.

Water & Hygiene

We work with community partners to provide clean drinking water and washing stations to the schools we serve.


Help us to create a better world through Education. A quality education changes lives.

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