We build schools to ensure that children have access to a quality and safe learning environment.

Adequate schools are often scarce in developing countries—especially in rural areas. 90% of the communities iDream Inc. serves lack basic school infrastructure. Most students are squeezed into dark crumbling structures and overcrowded classrooms, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring community, or can’t attend school at all.

iDream Inc schools are constructed in partnership with the very people who will be benefiting from them. iDream Inc. contributes the engineering, materials, skilled labor and project supervision. Each community provides the land, local materials such as sand, and the unskilled labor to build the school. Our approach ensures that schools are built with a community rather than for a community. It involves community members as true partners rather than as recipients of aid.


Help us to create a better world through Education. A quality education changes lives.

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